Mini maxi sale :)

10% off EVERYTHING in my etsy shop until the end of October.

I will be adding a couple things over the next couple of days, like these 3 16×16 inch oil paintings. They are on 1 1/2 inch cradled claybord (smooth coated hardboard). $450 each after discount. If you want one, let me know and I can set up a special listing on Etsy.

Also, these little 8×8 inch paintings (purple kohlrabi and tomato) and 16×20 eggplant.

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Summer days

I’m back west. Last week I showed in Park City Utah. After showing there for four years, it’s become one of the staples of my season. It’s like visiting an old friend. I normally camp for this show, but this year the campground was full so I rented a room. I also did the show solo for the first time. It was a different experience than in past years but still a good one. Here are some of my memories from my travels… Next up, Art in the High Desert in Bend, Oregon, Aug 23rd to 25th.

Park City Kimball show after early rain and hail on Saturday. Another storm came through with nearby lightning, heavy rain and colder temps. That pretty much closed the show early.

On the way home I splurged and had a steak. When in cattle country, eat beef :). This sign was in the restaurant.

The sunset Monday evening, from my motel on the way home.

Taking a break at Memloose State Park in the Columbia River Gorge. Almost home!

Return day 5, Washington, Oregon

Columbia River Gorge from viewpoint off I-84 W

Short day today. Arrived home around 1:30pm. If not for a couple of miscues, late starts, I would have been home yesterday. But, as opposed to my trip out to Michigan, I wasn’t in a rush, so it worked out fine. This was the first time I’ve driven through the Gorge this time of year when it wasn’t pushing 100 deg (or over). It feels good to be home. Now sleep for a day, unpack and get ready for my next show.

The great return, day 4, Montana, Idaho and Washington

Montana! Easy start to the day on hwy 2 west then I worked my way south, through Great Falls to Missoula and ended the day 60 miles south of Spokane. The road between Great falls and Missoula (mt 200) was amazing! I would love to ride a motorcycle on it someday. Now I’m beat. It was the kind of driving where you have to pay attention. Talking about paying attention, I’ve had a fox, a prairie chicken and a deer run in front of me on this trip. Fortunately they all timed it well :). One more day…

Return day 3, North Dakota and Montana Change of plans.

Late start and a change of plans… I had stopped for the night just short of Fargo, in Hawley, MN. I had planned on meeting up with I-94, but I looked at the map. Hmmm it’s only 50 miles and 1.5 hrs more if I take hwy 2. I’ve never driven 2 around there. Decision made. It was kind of stupid since I had been on hwy 2 the day before and had worked my way south (ugh). But what the heck. It was a great decision! Great 4 lane road through ND with almost NO traffic and 70 mph speed limit although it does go down to 2 lanes in Montana (but still 70 mph). No cities to deal with traffic. No trucks trying to pass each other at 70 mph and I could actually see the countryside! Ok, you have to watch for vehicles entering the hwy and you have to slow down every 50 miles or so for the two blink towns, but it’s so worth it! The only PITA was the significant road construction in a couple places in MT.

Day 2 return, Upper Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota

Clouds and rain started the day. Driving through the UP and Wisconsin was amazing when it wasn’t raining but it was so gray that none of my pictures did it justice. It started to clear in Minnesota but I was trying to make time. I made about 620 miles which wasn’t too bad given the weather and slower roads.

Midwest Road trip 2019 return Day 1

I decided to take the northern route on the way back to Portland. I started a bit late and ended up in St Ignace, MI. Tomorrow I drive through the UP! It’s so beautiful up here. I grew up in Michigan, but I’ve only been in the upper peninsula a couple times.

Road trip 2019 Part 1

Again this year I am starting my show season in the midwest. I spent this week driving the 2400 miles from Portland, OR to Detroit, MI.

DAY 1 299 miles

Portland to Baker City, OR

I had planned on driving to Twin Falls, ID on day one, but I got a very late start. No problems, a little rain.

Day 2. 620 miles

Baker City to Rock Springs, WY

Sooo tired. I wanted to drive further, but didn’t feel great.

Day 3 (weather!) About 640 miles

Rock Springs to York NE (Near Lincoln)

Slow going! Snow and slush before Rawlins, WY. Fog between Rawlins and Cheyenne. And then lots of rain in Nebraska. The roads were generally good though and I felt good but I had to slow down. I finally got sick of the rain and stopped west of Lincoln.

Day 4 849 miles

York to Detroit

Traffic day. Up until this point my driving was through wide open spaces with 80 mph speed limits. On my final day I passed through several mid sized cities and traffic on 80 south of Chicago. It was further than I usually drive but not really far enough to split into 2 days. I arrived at my final destination at 1 am :) after 15 hours on the road.

I have a day to rest and then I need to set up for my Detroit show at Palmer Park June 1-2.