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Getting it done

Since last year I’ve wanted to paint three largish square paintings that will fill one wall of my booth. I’m now 2/3 of the way to my goal. I just finished the second one. I’ve done some small studies of these in the past, but they have a different feel at 32×32 inches. Now I have to decide on the third in the series.


Next up, I have 2 8×8 paintings that are near done and a 16×16 in the works.




artichokes a2

Artichoke Gallery

48×36 inches, oil on canvas, “Artichoke Gallery”. I recently finished this baby. It seemed to take forever! This picture prints decently but I’m having problems getting a good image for online. The colors are more vibrant in real life and some of the greens really should have more yellow in them, but I’m done for today. This should give you an idea…

This one will be traveling with me this summer… speaking of traveling, I’m almost done applying for my summer shows. Now it’s wait and see time.

By the way ;)…

This painting has been complete for some time but I finally had it photographed. So here it is “The Asparagus Seller”, 50×30 inches, oil on canvas, coming to an art fair near you :). Otherwise I’ve been working on a new large painting and preparing art fair applications for the 2017 summer season. Busy, busy!


The Asparagus Seller

Time to get this party started!

I spent some time on Monday setting up for the small group show I’m in this month. Soft opening is today, May 4th with the opening party this Friday, May 6th from 6-8 pm. Live music, munchies and cash bar. I’m glad I was invited to do this show. I worked hard, but had a lot of fun in the process. The show runs through May 29th. If you’re anywhere near Hood River, OR, it’s worth a visit. The art is all really good (even if my photography isn’t :)).setup2 adj sm

On a related note, my show schedule is filling up. I’m still hoping to be called off a couple waitlists, but it looks like I’ll be doing at least six shows this summer. Hope to see some of you there.

Miracle of miracles, I’m done!

So, it’s taken me almost two months to the day to paint thirty small paintings. Well… I painted 31 but scrapped one of them. Granted, I lost about a week to doing my taxes and another week being under the weather and then Easter fell in the middle. Add another occasional day off here and there and two months have passed. However, it was 30 actual painting days. It’s hard for me to believe that I’m done. OK, I’m not “done.” I still have to varnish and put hangers on some paintings. I will also scan the rest of them and proof them so I can make a new notecard set or two. That should keep me busy for a while :).

Here are my final three paintings.

last three

days 28-30, Done!

This experience has been good for me. Probably the hardest thing was to keep coming up with ideas for paintings in rapid succession. Toward the end I was really searching. I think that searching lead to some of my best work of the set. Since I was working small, I wasn’t as tied to each one. Because I didn’t have as much time and money invested, I didn’t have the sense that each painting had to be my next great masterpiece. It gave me the freedom to experiment, just a bit. It also kept me painting through highs and lows because I had a deadline. I had days when I was so happy to be able to do what I love. The ideas were flowing and the paintings were turning out better than I imagined. And then there were days when nothing wanted to go right. The paint was a sticky mess that wouldn’t dry and at the same time didn’t stay workable. Instead it would lift when I tried to paint over it. Times when I felt like I was fooling myself. That I had no business calling myself a painter. Fortunately those times were brief and few :). Of course, I’ve had those feelings before over the years, but my moods changed much more rapidly during this project. Probably because my paintings changed more rapidly.

I’ve always felt that once my composition is done, the real creative part of the painting process is complete. The actual painting is craftsmanship. Sometimes I have to be creative when trying to figure out how to paint something but that’s just a small portion of the painting process. Over the last two months I got a better sense of how much work goes into my paintings before and after I touch a brush, I’ve learned some new techniques, out of necessity I learned to simplify even more, I started setting up still lifes, I made a whole lot of paintings and expanded my line into smaller work. I came up with some ideas for larger work and most importantly I had a whole lot of fun. Now, onto the show in May. I’m looking forward to seeing what the other artists came up with.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, liftoff!

On Monday I started on my final five paintings. Technically I should only have 4 left to do but I have one that I just can’t seem to make work so five to go it is. All of them are from still life setups. One each 8×10 and 8×16 and three 8×8’s. Three are now complete, one is almost there and the last has a little ways to go. I hope to have these complete by the end of the week. Once I’m done painting and they’re all oiled out and dry I still have to finish putting on hangers, scanning and varnishing.

tangs 3 and 1 600px

days 25-28, tangelos

Some more pretty pictures, days 23-25

Everything is coming together. Once I’m finally done, I will have thirty paintings. They will all be 8x something. I have two 8×16’s. The rest are split between 8×8 and 8×10. Half are part of my typical “At the Market” style, the rest are from the simple little still life photos I’ve taken. All use my semi-abstract style of painting.

Here are two more I finished last week in my market style. I finally got around to scanning them. The long one was scanned in two pieces and stitched together using the Epson stitch and scan utility. It did a fantastic job piecing the scans together. I’ve done this by hand before and it was a major pain. I love this utility!