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artichokes a2

Artichoke Gallery

48×36 inches, oil on canvas, “Artichoke Gallery”. I recently finished this baby. It seemed to take forever! This picture prints decently but I’m having problems getting a good image for online. The colors are more vibrant in real life and some of the greens really should have more yellow in them, but I’m done for today. This should give you an idea…

This one will be traveling with me this summer… speaking of traveling, I’m almost done applying for my summer shows. Now it’s wait and see time.


Finally some updates to my etsy shop

Just in time for Christmas shopping I’ve added my available art a day paintings to my etsy shop. They can be purchased in the small original paintings section. I still need to add the two 8×16 inch paintings. Those should be up tomorrow. I’ve also added my two most recent card packs which are based on these paintings. Just look in the notecard section. I have a couple small landscapes to photograph and list that should show up in the next couple of days. I think I will finally get up to 100 items in my shop. I never thought I would do that!

Here’s a few of the new items in my etsy store.

Final week for Art of the Feast

This is the last week for you to check ou the Art of the Feast show in Hood River, OR at the Columbia Arts Center. The show ends Oct 30th.  Here’s another one of my paintings that has been visiting there this month.


For some reason, I’m really craving grapes! Days 20-22, Mar 17-18, 21

Life and other business related activities took me away from painting for a few days, but I’ve been working on four paintings off and on since Thursday (two 10×8’s and two 8×8). Here are the first three of those completed. I’m still having some issues with the final one of the set. I’m hoping I can finish it up today. I’ve also started on two asparagus. So… 23 complete and three in various stages of completion.

grapes and bananas

days 20-22


In between painting sessions I took advantage of the recent dry weather we’ve had here to do some varnishing experiments. Not really happy with the results so far. I really want to get all of these done so I have enough time to let them dry enough to varnish, I don’t always varnish my work, I wax it. However, I want to make sure these little guys are well protected. I’m leaning toward two coats of gloss varnish and a coat of wax to degloss.


Putting my still life setup to good use

day 16-19

Tangelos and limes, days 16-19


Here’s my first full set of paintings using my still life setup for reference photos (two 8×10’s and an 8×8.) These have a kind of cool 50’s retro vibe about them. I DEFINATELY need to do more of these. The more neutral color palette with pops of color is a departure from my norm, but it works. I’m thinking maybe another card set. I like to make at least one new card set per year. This may just be the set. At this point I technically have 20 paintings done, but there’s one I’m still not happy with so I’ve put it aside to revisit later. Today is another, “do things other than paint” day… photography, stain and varnish sides of boards, post on here :), order supplies, etc. I need to start varnishing the paintings that have been done for a while. I wish it would stop raining!

A little picture taking

As I Mentioned in earlier posts, I’ve started doing some little still life setups. I’m afraid my 30 day collection is going to be a bit disjointed with the mix of what I normally do and this new work. However, I’m hoping it will be more of a progression. Yeah, that’s the ticket! A natural progression showing growth ;). Here’s a picture of my still life setup.


I need to find a larger box or something to drape the backdrop. But for now, this is working. Since I last posted, I have finished another painting, have one more almost done. I’m still not entirely happy with it but it’s probably ok. I find I’m my own worst critic. So that puts my finished count at 16 or 17. Yesterday I started three tangelo and lime still lifes. So far they’re looking good! It’s been so dreary here that I’m having a hard time getting good pictures of these. I need to buy a new scanner.

Half way there!!! Day 15, Mar 7

This one makes it half way. That’s right fifteen paintings complete! I have two more in the works that I hope to have done by tomorrow and three more compositions ready to draw up. At this point I’m having to dig to come up with new ideas. That is a good thing I think and what I had hoped would happen in this process. I just hope I can come up with ten more… I’m liking the way the new compositions look, we’ll see how they do in reality. First I need to finish the two I have going. I’ve gotten so into this process, I barely even notice the cloudy weather and rain ;).

sunday scramble 2

“Sunday Scramble”, 10×8 inches, oil on board