Artist statement

Art is my second career. I received my first degree in chemistry from the University
of Michigan and worked as an organic chemist for over fifteen years. In 2000 I decided to completely change direction and went back to school for a second degree in fine art and graphic design. I feel that my background in chemistry has helped define who I am as an artist. I am fascinated by materials, shape, and form. While in school I found that my analytical nature balanced well with my emotional side. These tendencies naturally lead me to my current style. 

Being severely near-sighted since a young age, what and how people see has always interested me. What do people see? What is important? How much information does the human brain require to create a scene? What is visual reality? In my current body of work, I bring select objects to the forefront by juxtaposing more realistically rendered objects onto flattened, abstracted backgrounds. Using oil paint on canvas or panels I aim to investigate these questions. The art of seeing.


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