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We have liftoff!

After the long trek from Portland to southern Illinois, my first show of the season is complete! Thank you all who stopped by and bought my work. The weather behaved, sort of and I made it through unscathed. Next up, the Palmer Park show in Detroit, MI. I will finish my midwest tour in Madison, WI, July 14-15. That’s three midwest shows. I’m looking forward to it!


By the way ;)…

This painting has been complete for some time but I finally had it photographed. So here it is “The Asparagus Seller”, 50×30 inches, oil on canvas, coming to an art fair near you :). Otherwise I’ve been working on a new large painting and preparing art fair applications for the 2017 summer season. Busy, busy!


The Asparagus Seller

Finally some updates to my etsy shop

Just in time for Christmas shopping I’ve added my available art a day paintings to my etsy shop. They can be purchased in the small original paintings section. I still need to add the two 8×16 inch paintings. Those should be up tomorrow. I’ve also added my two most recent card packs which are based on these paintings. Just look in the notecard section. I have a couple small landscapes to photograph and list that should show up in the next couple of days. I think I will finally get up to 100 items in my shop. I never thought I would do that!

Here’s a few of the new items in my etsy store.

Time to get this party started!

I spent some time on Monday setting up for the small group show I’m in this month. Soft opening is today, May 4th with the opening party this Friday, May 6th from 6-8 pm. Live music, munchies and cash bar. I’m glad I was invited to do this show. I worked hard, but had a lot of fun in the process. The show runs through May 29th. If you’re anywhere near Hood River, OR, it’s worth a visit. The art is all really good (even if my photography isn’t :)).setup2 adj sm

On a related note, my show schedule is filling up. I’m still hoping to be called off a couple waitlists, but it looks like I’ll be doing at least six shows this summer. Hope to see some of you there.

And away we go! Feb 10-12

As I mentioned in my previous post, I decided to work on these little paintings three at a time in order to get three done in three days. I started on my first set of three on Wed, February 10th. I chose three paintings with a similar color palette in order to work faster. For my first set I went with two Asian Pears which are part of the same composition but still hold up on their own. This way they can be sold together or separately. They are 8×10. Also in the group is a little 8×8 Kohlrabi painting. It went about as I expected. Working this small is kind of driving me crazy :). I hope I get more used to it as this project progresses. I also realized that I really need to buy some more small brushes.

Day one… I laid down my first layer. Notice it’s really sketchy looking and some of the colors need to be adjusted so the foreground parts stand out more from the background.

day 1

Set one, day one

Layer two gives me a more solid background and this is where I adjust the colors as needed. This is often my shortest painting day.

day 2

Set one, day two

Day three, third layer to minimize brushstrokes and touchup foreground images. The Kohlrabi still needs work. This ended up being a ten hour day and I was beat! I got to the point where all my smaller brushes were dirty and I didn’t want to clean them again. So I hung it up for the night. I was SO tired!

day 3

Set one, day three. Finished?? Still wet.


I’m really liking the pear painting. I think it or a variation on it will make it to a much larger size, like 40×60. Now THAT would be cool! I think I can fit 40×60 in my car. Anyway, I’ve quickly decided this this process has merit as a draft procedure to test paintings that might make larger paintings. The only drawback is I can’t do a lot of detail in these little ones so that leaves out a lot of things I might paint big.

I’m taking today off from painting. Went shopping for more boards and I’m getting those ready. Next up three 8×8 tomatoes starting tomorrow.

FINALLY a new painting

My first painting of 2016 is complete! Red Onions-At the Market, 36×18, oil on gessobord. I felt the need to paint something “not green.” I guess this qualifies ;). I have a couple more waiting that I will work on between art show applications and paperwork.


First painting of 2015

orange stripped squash 1cadjI finally got off my duff and finished a new painting! This one is of some little orange striped squash I found at a farmer’s market near my cottage last fall. I rather like that it’s not all green :). 16×16, oil on1.5 inch cradled claybord. It will be at least a month before it’s available on my etsy shop. I need to let it dry and then varnish it.

I want to paint at least two more fruit or veggies this size. Also, I have a couple in my “cottage” series ready to go, also 16×16.