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Finally some updates to my etsy shop

Just in time for Christmas shopping I’ve added my available¬†art a day paintings to my etsy shop. They can be purchased in the small original paintings section. I still need to add the two 8×16 inch paintings. Those should be up tomorrow. I’ve also added my two most recent card packs which are based on these paintings. Just look in the notecard¬†section. I have a couple small landscapes to photograph and list that should show up in the next couple of days. I think I will finally get up to 100 items in my shop. I never thought I would do that!

Here’s a few of the new items in my etsy store.


Some more pretty pictures, days 23-25

Everything is coming together. Once I’m finally done, I will have thirty paintings. They will all be 8x something. I have two 8×16’s. The rest are split between 8×8 and 8×10. Half are part of my typical “At the Market” style, the rest are from the simple little still life photos I’ve taken. All use my semi-abstract style of painting.

Here are two more I finished last week in my market style. I finally got around to scanning them. The long one was scanned in two pieces and stitched together using the Epson stitch and scan utility. It did a fantastic job piecing the scans together. I’ve done this by hand before and it was a major pain. I love this utility!







FINALLY a new painting

My first painting of 2016 is complete! Red Onions-At the Market, 36×18, oil on gessobord. I felt the need to paint something “not green.” I guess this qualifies ;). I have a couple more waiting that I will work on between art show applications and paperwork.


Dreaming of Summer

The Way Home, 16x16 oil on claybordSpring has come early this year in the Pacific Northwest. That has gotten me thinking of my cottage in Ontario Canada. Of course it’s something like -5 deg F over there so I can’t go, but I can paint it! This is my interpretation of one of the many martin houses that have been erected along the beach. This one borders a cottage path to the beach. Enjoy, and think of summer!

2015 painting number two…

pumpkins finalI finally got around to photographing this painting… I guess I’m on a bit of a squash kick. This next installment in my 2015 painting collection is of pumpkins. Mostly I’m trying to add some more non-green paintings in this 16×16 inch size. I’m a bit at a loss as to what to work on next. I want to do at least one more fruit or veggie this size and three more beach paintings this size. I’m thinking beach painting next since I have a couple laid out and ready to go. It will be about a month before this one makes it to my etsy page.