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By the way ;)…

This painting has been complete for some time but I finally had it photographed. So here it is “The Asparagus Seller”, 50×30 inches, oil on canvas, coming to an art fair near you :). Otherwise I’ve been working on a new large painting and preparing art fair applications for the 2017 summer season. Busy, busy!


The Asparagus Seller


Final week for Art of the Feast

This is the last week for you to check ou the Art of the Feast show in Hood River, OR at the Columbia Arts Center. The show ends Oct 30th.  Here’s another one of my paintings that has been visiting there this month.


And so it continues… day 13, Feb 28

Another day another painting (or three.) I’ve been working hard getting these finished. I still have one more in this set partially finished. I’ll complete it at some point, but I’m getting tired of peppers at the moment :). Here’s what came out of this experiment. I think it holds promise for something bigger. I’ll probably spend the next few days working on business stuff and getting together some compositions for my next couple of sets while I await my shipment of new boards. I’m close to halfway there!

day 13

day 11-13, sweet bell peppers

2015 painting number two…

pumpkins finalI finally got around to photographing this painting… I guess I’m on a bit of a squash kick. This next installment in my 2015 painting collection is of pumpkins. Mostly I’m trying to add some more non-green paintings in this 16×16 inch size. I’m a bit at a loss as to what to work on next. I want to do at least one more fruit or veggie this size and three more beach paintings this size. I’m thinking beach painting next since I have a couple laid out and ready to go. It will be about a month before this one makes it to my etsy page.

First painting of 2015

orange stripped squash 1cadjI finally got off my duff and finished a new painting! This one is of some little orange striped squash I found at a farmer’s market near my cottage last fall. I rather like that it’s not all green :). 16×16, oil on1.5 inch cradled claybord. It will be at least a month before it’s available on my etsy shop. I need to let it dry and then varnish it.

I want to paint at least two more fruit or veggies this size. Also, I have a couple in my “cottage” series ready to go, also 16×16.