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Musings from a cross country road trip

My first art show of the season is this coming weekend. Up until now I’ve stayed within 1000 miles from home. This year, however, I was accepted to Art on the Square in Belleville IL. So 2060 miles later here I am sitting in my hotel room half way across the country waiting to set up this afternoon and thinking about what I learned.


Every time I travel, I’m struck by how beautiful, varied and how empty this country is. How different the lives of many of this country’s citizens are from mine. How people can make a living in the most challenging terrain.

I choose to live in a medium size city. The citizen’s concerns are the rising homeless population and the skyrocketing cost of rent. Through much of the country people’s lives are dictated by the weather and the price of corn (or cattle, or soybeans…). I listened to the weather and farm report channel while driving through Nebraska. Severe storms were headed north from Kansas. To me it was quaint that they were reporting the price of soybeans. But to the farmers it is dead serious. It’s their livelyhood. To me, severe thunderstorms and high winds means I miss one show out of several or I pull off the road and stop early for the day, as I did outside Lincoln. For them, damaging hail could mean a crop destroyed. I will never know what that is like, but I can appreciate the diversity of this great land of ours.


Art of the Feast


Spring Onions-At the Market, 36x24, oil on gessobord, $1250

I can’t believe September is almost over and October is about to begin. My mind starts thinking about apple cider, fires in the fireplace and turkey dinner. Join me and an assortment of other artists at the Columbia Center for the Arts for the “Art of the Feast” show, where they will stage the gallery as a series of diningrooms, furnished and decorated by artists. It sounds like an amazing concept! The show will run Oct 5th-30th. This green onion painting is just one of the paintings I dropped off for the show. 36×24 oil on gessobord, $1250.

Art A Day sale details

All of my art a day paintings are available for purchase at the Columbia Center for the Arts in Hood River Oregon. All of the paintings are varnished oils on 1.5 inch cradled board. No framing is required. The pieces are priced as follows… $195/8×8. $225/8×10 and $325/8×16. If you wish to purchase one of these pieces please contact the gallery at 541-387-8877 or email Kristi at

Another 30 day blogger and day 11, Feb 25

Over the five years I’ve been on the art fair circuit I’ve developed friendships with many artists. Every year I look forward to reestablishing these relationships. We pick up where we left off the previous year and talk about our lives and the business of art. There are bonds formed that can only happen with others that know what it’s like to be a traveling artist. Sometimes these discussions are only in passing and sometimes more in depth over dinner after a long hot day setting up. One of these artist friends, Steph Mader, was also invited to take part in this thirty day show. She’s a wonderful glass artist. I’ve watched her work mature over the years and I’m always excited to see what new work she has. She also has set up a blog for her experiences in preparing for this show. If you’re interested in reading about challenges doing work on this type of timeline entail for a glass artist check out her blog here. I’ve added her blog page and website to my blogroll and links. I’ll add more as I find out.

In my studio, work continues with my three peppers paintings. I may add a fourth… I was pretty frustrated with them yesterday. But in the light of day this morning they have potential. Working this small is difficult for me and I’m starting to chomp at the bit to be able to break out into something larger. However, I have come to realize that this process has merit. For example, doing these latest paintings has led me to an idea for a fourth. BTW, WordPress has just informed me that this is my 200th post! ;)

day 11

Sweet Peppers variations, initial layer

My definition of paradise

I’m taking some much needed rest at my family cottage in Ontario, Canada. This is my special place. A place where I can totally relax. Sure, I’ll probably do some painting because that’s what I’m driven to do. But it’s painting just for me. That sad day will come when I have to close up for the season, but I’m trying not to think about that yet!