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artichokes a2

Artichoke Gallery

48×36 inches, oil on canvas, “Artichoke Gallery”. I recently finished this baby. It seemed to take forever! This picture prints decently but I’m having problems getting a good image for online. The colors are more vibrant in real life and some of the greens really should have more yellow in them, but I’m done for today. This should give you an idea…

This one will be traveling with me this summer… speaking of traveling, I’m almost done applying for my summer shows. Now it’s wait and see time.


More “Market Square” paintings finished

Here’s two of my new paintings I’ve added to my Etsy shop.  Both are 16×16 inches, oil on claybord. I’m really enjoying painting in this size, also the deeper wood cradle gives the paintings more presence, IMO. Both paintings are ready to hang, with no framing required.

apples 1 16x artichoke 16x 1_2 sm


artichoke 16x16Every now and then I have a painting that I just can’t seem to finish. This little artichoke is a fine example. I became obsessed with it, I couldn’t leave it alone! Ooops I need a shadow here, more yellow-green there… I didn’t want to overwork it so I finally had to put it aside and let it be. I’ve heard it said that art is never done, it just stops in interesting places. As an artist, one of the lessons I’m still learning is when to call it done. So, I pronounce this painting DONE. Actually, I’m pretty happy with it and now that I’ve been away from it for a couple of days, I really do think it’s done, or at least in an interesting place. 16×16 inches, oil on claybord.

green mixed grapes 16x16I’ve also been working on a couple of other paintings in this same size. This one was a precurser to the larger green grapes painting I did. I also have apple and tomato paintings in this size in the works.

Artichokes done

artichokesI finally declared this painting complete! There’s not much change from the previous image other than a few minor touch-ups and it’s a better photo. For now I’m leaving the tape on the sides in case I want to change something, but I think it’s there. 30×40, oil on gessobord. Now I have to find a place to store it…