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Fall overstock sale now!

Hey folks, my show schedule is over for the year. From now through Nov 29th, I am having my fall overstock sale in my etsy shop. This sale applies to stock on hand of printed items. 20% off cards, prints, metal prints…

Sale items are listed on this page. Want an original? I can’t give you a discount on that, but you can check out my etsy page for some of my smaller paintings.


Finally some updates to my etsy shop

Just in time for Christmas shopping I’ve added my available art a day paintings to my etsy shop. They can be purchased in the small original paintings section. I still need to add the two 8×16 inch paintings. Those should be up tomorrow. I’ve also added my two most recent card packs which are based on these paintings. Just look in the notecard section. I have a couple small landscapes to photograph and list that should show up in the next couple of days. I think I will finally get up to 100 items in my shop. I never thought I would do that!

Here’s a few of the new items in my etsy store.

The continuing tales of an intrepid art show artist

On Monday, Aug 3rd, our trek continued in our trusty Ford Transit Connect from Park City, Utah to Anacortes, Washington. Monday night we stopped for the night at Catherine Creek campground between LaGrand and Baker City Oregon. Tuesday we drove the rest of the way home to Portland. We barely had time to catch our breath before hitting the road again on Thursday morning for the Anacortes Arts Festival. After an excrucinating crawl through Seattle rush hour traffic (what should have been a 5 hour drive turned into seven), we set up my booth, set up our tent in Washington Park, ate and crawled into bed. Friday was an early morning to finish setup. Sometimes it seems to never end. But I was happy with the results.


Three more nights camping brought us to the end. There was a burn ban because of dry weather but we still managed some good meals like out makeshift jambalaya…yum!


This was my first time at this show. The people were wonderful and the town was beautiful. Thank you to all who purchased from me or came to talk.



We returned home through Whidby Island. So amazingly beautiful! I returned the transit on Tuesday. I will miss it.
Transit Trip details. two shows, two weeks, about 2500 miles, 10 hours booth setup, 5 hrs loadout, 46 hrs in booth.

April Fools Etsy Promotion

April fools promotion! 20% off on all orders of $10 or more at my Etsy shop. Use coupon code I3DESIGN20OFF. Good until midnight Friday April 5th.

Back in the studio, I have 2 blueberry paintings, 24×12 and 36×18, nearly finished and a larger project up next.