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Finally some updates to my etsy shop

Just in time for Christmas shopping I’ve added my available art a day paintings to my etsy shop. They can be purchased in the small original paintings section. I still need to add the two 8×16 inch paintings. Those should be up tomorrow. I’ve also added my two most recent card packs which are based on these paintings. Just look in the notecard section. I have a couple small landscapes to photograph and list that should show up in the next couple of days. I think I will finally get up to 100 items in my shop. I never thought I would do that!

Here’s a few of the new items in my etsy store.


Some more pretty pictures, days 23-25

Everything is coming together. Once I’m finally done, I will have thirty paintings. They will all be 8x something. I have two 8×16’s. The rest are split between 8×8 and 8×10. Half are part of my typical “At the Market” style, the rest are from the simple little still life photos I’ve taken. All use my semi-abstract style of painting.

Here are two more I finished last week in my market style. I finally got around to scanning them. The long one was scanned in two pieces and stitched together using the Epson stitch and scan utility. It did a fantastic job piecing the scans together. I’ve done this by hand before and it was a major pain. I love this utility!







First painting of 2015

orange stripped squash 1cadjI finally got off my duff and finished a new painting! This one is of some little orange striped squash I found at a farmer’s market near my cottage last fall. I rather like that it’s not all green :). 16×16, oil on1.5 inch cradled claybord. It will be at least a month before it’s available on my etsy shop. I need to let it dry and then varnish it.

I want to paint at least two more fruit or veggies this size. Also, I have a couple in my “cottage” series ready to go, also 16×16.