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Fall overstock sale now!

Hey folks, my show schedule is over for the year. From now through Nov 29th, I am having my fall overstock sale in my etsy shop. This sale applies to stock on hand of printed items. 20% off cards, prints, metal prints…

Sale items are listed on this page. Want an original? I can’t give you a discount on that, but you can check out my etsy page for some of my smaller paintings.


It’s that time again!

Time for my fall overstock sale on etsy! All of my reproduction products, prints, metal prints, coasters, notecards, etc are 18% off until noon Nov 21st. If you want to do some early x-mas shopping now is a good time :). All sale items are limited to stock on hand. Metal prints are particularly limited. They were a great seller for me at my last show.

Check out my etsyonsale page or my etsy page for selection.

New items in my Etsy shop

In between all the holiday chatter, I’ve been working on business type things, inventory, accounting, cleaning, ugh :).  I’ve also FINALLY gotten around to updating my etsy shop with a five new items. New cards, a tile/trivet, a new metal print and matted print.

mixedgrapes metal 1 tomato print tomato tile 2 sq veggie 4

New cards in the works

Last week I took some of my work in to be photographed. I spent yesterday and today color correcting and proofing the pictures and setting up the InDesign file. I’m doing all of this for my new set of cards! I already have the packaging materials and I should be getting the paper by Thursday to start printing away :). Here’s the images of the eight paintings I plan on including in this set of 5×7 inch cards.