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Fall overstock sale now!

Hey folks, my show schedule is over for the year. From now through Nov 29th, I am having my fall overstock sale in my etsy shop. This sale applies to stock on hand of printed items. 20% off cards, prints, metal prints…

Sale items are listed on this page. Want an original? I can’t give you a discount on that, but you can check out my etsy page for some of my smaller paintings.


I made it to 100 items on Etsy!

I never thought I’d say this but I just uploaded my 100th listing on etsy! WooHoo!! To celebrate, I’m offering 16% (16%, 2016… get it ;)) off all orders over $40 through Jan 1st 2017. That includes original art, something I almost never do. So if you’ve been eyeing a painting and want to save a bit, now’s your chance. Also Etsy is offering $10 off for new customers on their 2nd purchase after making a qualifying purchase of $50 or more.

It’s been far too long!

I’ve been wanting to try casein paint for a while now. I think it might be a good alternative to acrylic for painting my flat background areas. I would then use oil for the top, more realistic areas. It has a matte finish, which I want and I hope I can more easily achieve a flat, brush stroke free surface than I can with oil paint. I finally ordered some along with some 10×10 ampersand claybord for practice. With luck I should be able to start playing with it next week. I feel like a kid waiting for a new box of crayons! In the meantime, I photographed and posted two new items to my etsy shop. Now, off to work figuring out what I’m going to paint with my new paints… It’s been far too long since I’ve done any serious painting.

artichoke big tomato basket 2014 3

New items in my Etsy shop

In between all the holiday chatter, I’ve been working on business type things, inventory, accounting, cleaning, ugh :).  I’ve also FINALLY gotten around to updating my etsy shop with a five new items. New cards, a tile/trivet, a new metal print and matted print.

mixedgrapes metal 1 tomato print tomato tile 2 sq veggie 4

More “Market Square” paintings finished

Here’s two of my new paintings I’ve added to my Etsy shop.  Both are 16×16 inches, oil on claybord. I’m really enjoying painting in this size, also the deeper wood cradle gives the paintings more presence, IMO. Both paintings are ready to hang, with no framing required.

apples 1 16x artichoke 16x 1_2 sm

You can still get 10% off

!cid_image024_jpg@01CECC46My fall sale has ended, but you can still get 10% off everything in my etsy shop by using the coupon code i3design10 on orders over $50. This 10% off coupon is good until Nov 11th.

Final additions to etsy store, for a while

I added these last 3 prints to my etsy shop. Bok Choy Beets and Asparagus. The Bok Choy and Beets are a bit larger than the other prints I currently offer on there. They are aprox. 11×16 and are matted to 16×20. The Asparagus is matted to 11×17. As always, all materials are acid free and high quality and all my prints fit in standard frames. Since I had these in stock, they are included in my Fall sale. That should be all the additions to my etsy store for a while. I have a large painting I’m itching to start, but first I really need to clean and organize my studio. UGH, HATE that!