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2018 Art Show Schedule

My summer art show schedule is starting to take shape. I am waiting on a couple more application results before I decide my wanderings this summer. I have committed to two shows so far. Both in the Midwest. Art Fair on the Square in Belleville, IL and Palmer Park Art Fair in Detroit Michigan. I will add more shows to my schedule page over the next couple weeks as I know more.




A number of customers at shows over the years have mentioned that they thought my work would look great on fabric. So I decided to upload some of my images to redbubble. And you know what? They do look cool! So now you can get my paintings printed on things like scarves, dresses, t-shirts, mugs, books, clocks, bags… The possibilities are almost endless!

I made it to 100 items on Etsy!

I never thought I’d say this but I just uploaded my 100th listing on etsy! WooHoo!! To celebrate, I’m offering 16% (16%, 2016… get it ;)) off all orders over $40 through Jan 1st 2017. That includes original art, something I almost never do. So if you’ve been eyeing a painting and want to save a bit, now’s your chance. Also Etsy is offering $10 off for new customers on their 2nd purchase after making a qualifying purchase of $50 or more.

And here comes another one


Artichoke-market square, 16x16, oil on claybord, $500

Here is another painting of mine that will be for sale in Hood River for the month of Oct. This is one of my favorite paintings. It is painted on 1.5 inch cradled claybord. No framing required.

The opening reception is Oct 7th. If you wish to purchase this piece call 541 387-8877 or email

The continuing tales of an intrepid art show artist

On Monday, Aug 3rd, our trek continued in our trusty Ford Transit Connect from Park City, Utah to Anacortes, Washington. Monday night we stopped for the night at Catherine Creek campground between LaGrand and Baker City Oregon. Tuesday we drove the rest of the way home to Portland. We barely had time to catch our breath before hitting the road again on Thursday morning for the Anacortes Arts Festival. After an excrucinating crawl through Seattle rush hour traffic (what should have been a 5 hour drive turned into seven), we set up my booth, set up our tent in Washington Park, ate and crawled into bed. Friday was an early morning to finish setup. Sometimes it seems to never end. But I was happy with the results.


Three more nights camping brought us to the end. There was a burn ban because of dry weather but we still managed some good meals like out makeshift jambalaya…yum!


This was my first time at this show. The people were wonderful and the town was beautiful. Thank you to all who purchased from me or came to talk.



We returned home through Whidby Island. So amazingly beautiful! I returned the transit on Tuesday. I will miss it.
Transit Trip details. two shows, two weeks, about 2500 miles, 10 hours booth setup, 5 hrs loadout, 46 hrs in booth.

Art in the High Desert jury preview

This past friday I attended the AHD jury preview in Bend, Oregon. I have been lucky enough to be able to show my work at this show for the last two years. Overall the quality of art submitted to this show was outstanding. A non-artist friend of mine that came with me said the art presented was all levels of good. There were a couple of catagories, like printmaking, where it would be very difficult to say no to any of them. I now more fully understand why so many quality artists are rejected from shows or why they get into some and not others. From what I saw they could discard a small percentage, admit a percentage and throw darts to fill the remaining spots and get a good show.

I hope I get in again, but I won’t feel like my art is bad if I don’t. This year there were 78 applications in my catagory of painting. Typically they choose nine or ten. I can do the math :).

On a side note, one nice thing about going to the jury preview was we stopped on the way home to hike Smith Rock. It was pretty amazing watching all the rock climbers.



It’s been far too long!

I’ve been wanting to try casein paint for a while now. I think it might be a good alternative to acrylic for painting my flat background areas. I would then use oil for the top, more realistic areas. It has a matte finish, which I want and I hope I can more easily achieve a flat, brush stroke free surface than I can with oil paint. I finally ordered some along with some 10×10 ampersand claybord for practice. With luck I should be able to start playing with it next week. I feel like a kid waiting for a new box of crayons! In the meantime, I photographed and posted two new items to my etsy shop. Now, off to work figuring out what I’m going to paint with my new paints… It’s been far too long since I’ve done any serious painting.

artichoke big tomato basket 2014 3